Founders of LVT Marketing

About The People Behind LVT Marketing

Hi, we’re Dustin & Vanessa Nelson. The Founders of LVT Marketing.

Passionate about serving business owners with implementing our client aquisition systems.

We look forward to serving you with a cup full of liveliness!

Values we live by


We stay transparent all the way through to the prices of our services so that you never have to wonder about anything when working with us.


Keeping a fun, positive approach to everything we do helps us see, more clearly, the opportunities in front of us.


We are fanatical about giving! We give businesses our best in every opportunity so that they can continue to succeed.


We are constantly exploring new and exciting ways to assist other businesses through our services.


We always do the right thing even when it doesn’t make sense. This helps us keep a strong honest relationship with our clients.

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